Just like a lot of other building materials, stamped concrete has obtained a lot of myths. A lot of people like the concept of stamped concrete. However, most of them are hesitant to utilize it in their hardscape projects since they have heard from another person that it isn’t an ideal building material.  

Before, stamped concrete might have a couple of problems. However, stamped concrete has improved as technology progresses. That’s why it’s quite popular nowadays. A lot of the myths you’ll hear aren’t a concern anymore. Most of the myths are already resolved thanks to the latest innovations.  

Here are some stamped concrete Kansas City myths to avoid: 

Pavers are Better and Faster to Install 

The truth is that stamped concrete is one of the quickest ways to install concrete. In addition to that, it does not need extensive labor. For those who don’t know, almost every concrete contractor out there considers stamped concrete as a preferred installation method since they can complete it quickly and it does not require a lot of labor.  

Stamped Concrete Will Fade Right Away 

When you install a stamped concrete, you will definitely love its look. However, a lot of people will tell you that the design and color of stamped concrete will fade as soon as possible. Well, this is not the case at all. Though stamped concrete may show indications of fading as time passes, it only happens if you do not properly maintain it. On the other hand, you can easily prevent it from fading if you apply a premium sealer over it. As long as you maintain your stamped concrete, you can keep its look for many years to come. 

Stamped Concrete Costs More 

Since stamped concrete appears extremely luxurious, a lot of people believe that they are expensive. However, that is not the case as well. The truth is that the cost of stamped concrete is much more affordable compared to natural pavers and stone.  

In addition to that, stamped concrete last longer compared to other materials if you properly maintain it. This means that you will not have to replace it frequently. That’s why stamped concrete is one of the most affordable materials out there. 

It Will Crack Right Away 

We all know that concrete will crack as time passes. This depends on weather conditions and the use of concrete. However, stamped concrete isn’t different than any other form of concrete. While there’s always a risk of cracking, it’s not going to happen if you hire a professional to install it. 

It Looks Fake 

There are a lot of forms you can take for your concrete. There are also a lot of patterns and shapes to choose from. You can choose your concrete to look completely flat, have color, be shiny, look like wood, look unnatural, or look natural. It all varies on your preferences and needs. Thus, stamped concrete does not have to look fake. If you want it to look natural, a professional stamped concrete contractor can install it to look natural